m u s i c

Here are some samples of my originals. I've had help on several of these tracks from some very talented musicians. You'll recognize them from the Collaborations page. I've also provided links for these folks on the People and Places page.

Out of the Past
A film noir soundtrack kind of piece.   November 2008

Open Road
Trying out a few samples from the Ra collection, along with bass, guitars and soprano.   August 2008

Emissary Sky
An ambient piece, fun with delays and reverb.   April 2008

Running With the Devil - Remix
David Lee Roth's vocal track for this classic Van Halen track popped up and mischief ensued.   March 2008

Turn Around
Here's a new collaboration with Toby Bresnahan. Toby did his usual magic working the vocal line and performed lead and high harmony vocals. I did the backing track and the low harmony part. Thanks Toby!   July 2007

A weekend trip out to the Black Hills of South Dakota last September was the inspiration for this one. I'm joined by Toby Bresnahan on this track. Toby did all of those great vocals and the vocal arrangement.   February 2007

Looking For Lucy
A bouncy little number, music for going on safari looking for Lucy and her relatives, Australopithicus afarensis. Besides bass and guitar, I'm playing sax on this on this one, with a debut on the tenor.   January 2007

Back Of The Line
A fun old school Funk number. Jeff Markham wrote the lyrics and sings this. Move out the tables, roll up the carpet; it's dance party time! Jeff Markham - vocals, Rhodes; Mark Morris - guitars, organ, and clav; Charley Langer - horn section, sax solo; Steve Demetrician - drums; and Ed McGlaughlin - bass. Composition: Markham, McGlaughlin; Horn arrangement: Morris, Langer.   August 2006

What's On TV
A down tempo jazz blues, with a nod to the Oliver Nelson style. This one has the whole gang on board: Charley Langer on alto sax, Mark Morris on Guitar, Jeff Markham on Rhodes and organ, Ricky Carmichael on drums, Ed McGlaughlin on bass.   May 2006

Forbidden City - Dragon Dance
Visiting San Francisco last Oct I heard an elderly man playing an Erhu and knew I had to do something with that sound. This is intended to be a tone poem / film score style piece.   Apr 2006

An orchestral piece for the first day of spring. This is intended as theme music for this work of Botticelli, Primavera (c.1482), sometimes referred to as the "Allegory of Spring." Link to picture.   Mar 2006

The Departure
Here's another thematic / experimental piece. The percussion is based on some Smart Loops and Drum Sugar REXed up and played through Stylus. On this, I'm playing bass, guitar and soprano sax.   Feb 2006

Mela is the Hindi word for origin / source. It's an groove oriented experiment drawing on a wide range of styles. This is the first recording of my new Eminence bass, shown on the right. I'm also playing the guitar on this. The drums / percussion are Spectrasonic's Stylus RMX and the keys are the Purgatory Creek sampled Rhodes.   Jan 2006

Last Day of Summer
Jeff Markham on Piano, Steve Demetrician on drums, Ed McGlaughlin on bass and guitars.   Dec 2005

Tomororow's Dreams
Charley Langer on alto and soprano sax, Mark Morris on Guitar, Jeff Markham on Rhodes, Ron Wikso on drums, Ed McGlaughlin on bass.   Jun 2005

North Gate
Not so subtle anti-war song, based on poem by Li T'ai-Po. Featuring Jeff Markham on keys and co-arrangement, Mark Morris on guitars, and Steve Demetrician on drums.

Reflection Pool
Adagio for upside down string quartet - two celli

Rent Is Due
Funky smooth jazz hip hop thing

Why not use a bass guitar in chamber music?

The Hawk Is Out Tonight
Sometimes you just have to play a slow blues

2006 Ed McGlaughlin for CirrusPark