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Here are some nice folks that I've collaborated with and/or have gained insight from regarding music production.

Frank Basile
Frank is a fine session drum. I've had Frank work on one of my earlier projects and was very happy with his work.

Toby Bresnahan - Grand Rapids, MI
Toby is an accomplished musician and signer songwriter. Toby helped my out by doing the vocals on a recent tune; I really liked how it came out, so I think we'll be doing some more.

Steve Demetrician - Kendall Park, NJ
Steve is the owner of DAWPRO Studios. Steve and I have worked on a number of tracks together. He's a great player with a great kit and all around nice guy to boot. Visit his site and get him on one of your tracks.

Michael Fogarty - Japan
Michael is an excellent song writter and musical arranger / producer. He has great insight into how to craft a song to reach its potential. I've received a lot of good input from Michael.

Charley Langer - Sacramento, CA
Charley's an exceptionally talented alto/soprano saxophonist and writer. We've played on a handful of each other's tracks and have participated on tracks for other musicians listed here. Charley performs regularly in "Steely Scam," a Steely Dan tribute band.

Jeff Markham - San Jose, CA
Jeff heads up On the Mark Music. Jeff plays keyboards and writes some great material, in addition to being a thoughtful and generous individual. His "5:30" track inspired the contributors to start refering to their lineup as the "530 band." Jeff is also a fellow technology geek and one of the few of these fine people I've actually met in person.

Kieran Maxwell - Montreal, Canada
Kieran (a.k.a. "bubblefish") Kieran does electronica and experimental music with a Zen sense of minimalism. I collaborated with Kieran on a piece a while; he has a very interesting approach

Dan Monaghan - Minneapolis, MN
Dan and his wife, Amy Monaghan, are very active in the Minneapolis live music scene. Dan is very talent guitarist and fun guy to hang out with.

Mark Morris - Reston, VA
Mark is an guitarist extrodinare. It's always a pleasure to be playing on a track with Mark. A recent tune of Mark's, Espressivo, is probably the best tune I've worked on. I'd like send a special thanks out to Mark as I've used his web site as a starting point for the design of this one.

Jeff Noel - Augusta, ME
Jeff is a fine guitaris and song writer. Jeff runs the Budget Creations services group along with his wife. Jeff is also the host of The Other Place forum.

Paul Russell - Singapore
Paul is a fellow bassist and all around nice guy. He has a remarkable talent of combining desparate musical styles into great sounding productions. He has also does excellent mixes / re-mixes. Visit Paul's Calamity Studio website for more.

Ron Wikso
Ron is a great pro-level drum. I've seen him perform with Alphonso Johnson in the Greg Rollie band. I've had him perform on Tomorrow's Dreams here.


These are good places to get information on recording and music production and service organizations that I can personally vouch for.

Cakewalk Forums

The Other Place

Budget Creations

Calamity Studio

Sunbreak Music

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